Implicit Assumptions Answers

The questions posted in the previous blog were designed to highlight the two systems of thought (the intuitive and the rational) that operate in our brain (see references for confirmation of this outlandish statement!) The degree to which an individual monitors their intuitive thoughts with their rational mind is a profound indicator of other significant […]

Implicit Assumptions Questions

The following simple questions will provide an indication as to how your decision making can be influenced through implicit assumptions. Taking a few minutes to complete the questions as it will provide you with very powerful insights into how easily conscious thinking can be influenced. 1. A bat and a base-ball cost $1.10 together. The […]

Looking Up And Seeing Stars

Just over a week ago Dianne Odell, at the age of 61, died because of a power failure to her home in Jackson, Tennessee. While family members frantically tried to start an emergency generator, her father said, “We did everything we could do but we couldn’t keep her breathing. Dianne had gotten a lot weaker […]

Why the paid parental leave is bad policy

The Opposition’s recently announced Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme is very bad policy and is a continuation of the worst aspects of recent government policy setting. Not only is the policy incredibly generous and expensive to the Australian taxpayer, but it does not appropriately address the problem it is purporting to be addressing. It seems to […]