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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Not Racism, Tribalism

The greatest threats that you and I will ever face will come from other people. Sure, a number of people are mauled by grizzly bears or chewed up by a great white shark every year, but for every one of them there will be literally thousands that die from ‘man-on-man’ violence. The good news is […]

The Internal Racist Part 5

A disadvantage of minorities is that they are minorities…and generally have less access to power and resources in a society, In a second study, Rudman and Ashmore measured the resource allocation implications of implicit racism for Jews, Asians and blacks. Participants in their study were asked to examine a budget proposal ‘under consideration’ at their […]

The Internal Racist Part 4

“Did you hear the one about the Englishman, the Irishman and the Chineseman?” Shop-worn ethnic jokes are the standard fare of countless, “Big book of jokes”. They also serve as the basis for reinforcing social stereotyping and status. As the old saying goes: “There is no smoke without fire”. Someone who frequently tells a lot of […]

The Internal Racist Part 3

Our internal racist does not just discriminate against black people – we are much more sophisticated than that. We discriminate against a whole range of ‘minority’ groups! In an interesting experiment, a number of job applications were sent out by the economist Dan-Olof Rooth of the University of Kalmar in Sweden. The job applications were […]

Politics as Tribalism

Unlike the sabre toothed tiger, your average human is somewhat defenceless against many of Nature’s threats. However, as a collective we seem to do ‘OK’. There is something in human nature that causes us to form, join and put down competing tribes. Our ego takes almost no time to form groups on the slightest of […]