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Monthly Archives: September 2013

It’s Grand Final Time

It is the end of September and the beginning of a great Ozzie tradition: the footy grand finals. What is obvious to anyone who has ever passionately supported a sporting team is that your emotional state can be significantly altered by their success. Our ‘social identity’ is frequently linked to the sporting teams we support. […]

Small Things Matter

. . . Particularly when they are repeated many times and with large amounts! From a certain perspective, the history of last century can be seen as a conflict between people holding slightly different views on the best ownership of the factors of production. The clash between capitalism and communism comes down to disagreement over […]

I Belong, Therefore I Am

Our very sense of self, of who we are, is very much dependent on the tribes to which we belong. According to psychologists Henri Tajfel and John Turner, we have a tendency to form shared ‘social identities’. This theory suggests that people have an inbuilt tendency to categorize themselves into one or more in-groups, building […]

Why the paid parental leave is bad policy

The Opposition’s recently announced Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme is very bad policy and is a continuation of the worst aspects of recent government policy setting. Not only is the policy incredibly generous and expensive to the Australian taxpayer, but it does not appropriately address the problem it is purporting to be addressing. It seems to […]