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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The 10,000 Hour Rule

Success is not a function of talent or ‘who you know,’ rather it takes just one thing: practice. If you want to be successful in your chosen field of endeavour, all it takes is lots and lots of practice! Practice enables you to rise above the fallacies of your monkey mind and to make insightful […]

Monkey Business and Narrative

Humans are amazingly bad at predicting probabilities. We fail at it in a number of systemic ways. One of the most critical, and one of the easiest to manipulate, is how we unconsciously predict probabilities within the context of a narrative. Consider the case of the feminist Linda and her job at the bank. Why do […]

Monkey Business and Two Systems of Thought – Part B

It becomes more difficult to think things through when they are emotionally charged. As we said before, our mind has evolved to assist our survival. As a consequence, it tends to get triggered more often (and with more ‘validity’) in highly stressful situations. This is particularly true when we are dealing with a situation that is […]

Monkey Business and Two Systems of Thought – Part A

The single largest hurdle to making rational decisions (and avoiding global financial crises!) is that humans have more than one system of thinking. Our brain has evolved two systems of thought (at least!) that focus on very different things and that arrive at conclusions in very different ways. The first is a survival system and […]

Monkey Business and the Current Economic Crisis

It is official. The value of businesses in Australia is half what it was just one year ago. This is one of the worst falls in equity values since the Great Depression. What has happened to make the value of companies decline by half? What has so fundamentally altered perceptions that governments all over the […]

The Great and Mighty Mo

This blog will discuss the powerful forces the great ‘Mo’ exerts on decision making. Not, in this particular case, the Mo of Movember (a time when the whole of Australia pauses to appreciate the linkages between facial hair, Helen Clarke, depression and prostate cancer). Rather the Mo of Momentum. They say that 60 per cent […]