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Category Archives: Economics

Rants on general economic issues.

Costing water reliability

It was a great pleasure to deliver a presentation on Costing Water present at OzWater 2017, where I outlined how water utilities and regulators can accurately quantify the short run marginal costs in a water supply system. By examining the worst case scenarios, running out of water, you can put an upper limit on social […]

The Joys Of Specialisation – Part 1

When people complain about international trade stealing jobs from Australia it really frustrates me. Hands up, gentle readers, those of you who are subsistence farmers. I’d be surprised if anyone who survived purely by the work of their hands would ever have the spare capacity at the end of the day to read a blog […]

Consumerism: A Rose’s Stench – Part 1

Economics could learn a lot from marketing. That is a statement that I never thought I’d say. After all, despite seven years of formal economic education, the only class I ever fell asleep in was marketing. This was despite the fact that I had economic professors with personalities of porridge and presenting styles to match! […]

Monkey Business and the Current Economic Crisis

It is official. The value of businesses in Australia is half what it was just one year ago. This is one of the worst falls in equity values since the Great Depression. What has happened to make the value of companies decline by half? What has so fundamentally altered perceptions that governments all over the […]

Why the paid parental leave is bad policy

The Opposition’s recently announced Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme is very bad policy and is a continuation of the worst aspects of recent government policy setting. Not only is the policy incredibly generous and expensive to the Australian taxpayer, but it does not appropriately address the problem it is purporting to be addressing. It seems to […]