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Everyone Is Voting YES

Because of the bandwagon effect (discussed in an upcoming blog) having the appearance of winning the debate is just as important as actually winning the debate in the public arena.

  • Studies in the US have found that people who have not yet made up their mind in an election were up to twice as likely to vote for the winner over the perceived follower.
  • It has also been found to influence peoples decisions on significant issues such as abortion and Quebec’s constitutional future by between five or seven per cent.

This may be due to the fact that there appears to be three types of people when it comes to engaging in social interactions, those that take, those that give and those that follow whichever of the preceding two dominate (called the Machiavellians). But this is a conversation for another day…

When it comes to changing the highly conservative culture of Perth, it is going to take everyone who cares moving this city forward. Specifically, tell everyone that everyone we know is also going to be voting Yes as well (even if it’s a lie for you, at worst it would be a venial sin not a mortal one).

While there may be only a slim margin in some of the polls, if we all push it, the impact on public opinion may be significant.


Goidel, R. K., and Todd G., 1994, The Vanishing Marginals, the Bandwagon, and the Mass Media:

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