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What are the Chances: Of a Swine Infestation? Part 2

The second reason the world reacted with extreme measures is that our sense of judgement was significantly altered by irrelevant and unrelated information that has absolutely no bearing on the decision at hand. A ‘context’ heuristic. If I was to ask you a question that you didn’t know, like “how many quokka’s live on Rottnest Island?”, then […]

What Are The Chances Of That Happening? Part 2

If the availability heuristic only impacted on insurance decisions then it would be annoying but no big deal. Alas, it has a serious impact on what people want governments to do and how they assess their performance. For instance, people see violent acts of terrorism that fundamentally shake up their perception of safety and expect […]

The Bliss of Ignorance – Part 2

Charles Darwin said in 1871 that “ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.” The world has been treated to an extraordinary proof of that statement recently in the form of George W. Bush. Like a slow motion car crash that horrifies but ensnares you so you cannot look away, the presidency of George W. […]