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Everyone Is Voting YES

Because of the bandwagon effect (discussed in an upcoming blog) having the appearance of winning the debate is just as important as actually winning the debate in the public arena. Studies in the US have found that people who have not yet made up their mind in an election were up to twice as likely […]

Like Me? Like You! – Part 3

Lets try it ourselves. While the capital punishment issue in Australia is nowhere near as contentious as it is in America, it can still raise hackles. What is your opinion on the issue of capital punishment? Here are two tongue-in-cheek views on the issue. Which is more reasonable? Pro-Capital Punishment: The position of right-wing nuts who […]

Like Me? Like You! – Part 2

Not only is our judgment subtly altered when we share a common bond with someone, our assessments of arguments and opinions are influenced by the degree to which they agree with our own! Lord, Ross and Lepper (1979) sorted a group of students into two teams, based on their opinions about capital punishment. These two […]

Like Me? Like You! – Part 1

Our ability to assess the validity of an argument or a situation can be altered by how much ‘it’ is ‘like’us. In one study, conducted by Finch and Cialdini (1989), subjects were told that they either shared or did not share their birthday with the infamous historical character, Rasputin. An irrelevant and false linkage made […]